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Part Twenty-seven: Tomorrow!

The one-hundred day anniversary of October, 13th 2020 has come and gone. One-hundred “tomorrows” have passed me by. The world has changed quite a lot in this short space of time. We have a new Leader of the Free World in President Biden, an abundance of vaccines have been approved for use against COVID-19, and I am back at work full-time.

However, one thing has not changed so far and that is my remission status - long may that continue! I passed my one-hundred day CT scan with flying colours. The report making sure to fit in my favourite phrase; “No evidence of disease.” Even my blood counts are looking great, and to top it off I have woken up every morning for one-hundred days and found my neck free of lumps and bumps.

Supportive medicines I have been taking are being stopped by the bucketload, running distances are increasing and the trust I had in my body, once upon a time, is slowly but surely returning. For the very first time it feels like we are making real progress. The wishes I hoped for in my “Proclamatio in finem” are day-by-day becoming more of a reality.

Another rousing event that one must write home about is the burden of worry around contracting coronavirus and the potentially deadly effects thereafter, will now be somewhat lessened. This coming Saturday (6th February), I will receive the first dose of a SARS-CoV2 vaccine at Forth Valley College. An exciting prospect, which brings me once more onto the edge of modern medicine

The only way to finish yet another, positive update - somewhat of a common thing these days, is to echo the words in one’s Proclamation of the End.

“A proclamation that outlines no more pain, no more suffering - just the consumption of love, hope and happiness with the making of memories that will last a long healthy lifetime.”

One hundred days down, 630 to go…….

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