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Part Twenty-four: Proclamatio in finem

Today is a special day; a day that shows that hard exertion always bears fruit; a day that substantiates the notion that bad days do always grow into good days. A day that does, in fact, proclaim that there is nothing more potent than the human mind and the human spirit. A day that confirms the very values we hold deep in our soul are more than enough to get through the most challenging encounters we endeavour to fight.

Ever since Tuesday 9th July 2019, life hasn't been the same. Eighteen months of continual toil, worry and angst. However, for once, I am glad to say this seems final. Today - Monday, 2nd November, leaving the Stem Cell Transplant Unit with the last ring of the end of treatment bell echoing my ears, I feel encouraged. Albeit a few errands to run, I feel it deep in my gut that this is it. A gut feeling that has not failed me to this day. And long may it continue.

At some point, you have to make the conscious decision to leave behind the constant state of worry and uncertainty. To look beyond this and focus on living life to it's fullest. Of course, bad days will still feature, but it is about how you act upon these moments - getting the right help and always holding hope are two of the most important things you can put forward from your arsenal. It's times like these that define you as a person, define how you move ahead and determine how you ultimately live the life you have been given.

Through the fields of destruction and the baptisms of fire. You have all witnessed my suffering as the battle raged higher. Although the battles did hurt me so bad combined with the fear and alarm. You did not desert me, my brothers, in arms. So tonight, I thank you all and ask one final thing. Hold me in your thoughts and prayers. Pray that this is the end. Show empathy to those that need it and support those you can. The only way that things get better for everyone is by the provision of love, hope and happiness.

So take this as the proclamation of the end. A proclamation that outlines no more pain, no more suffering - just the consumption of love, hope and happiness with the making of memories that will last a long healthy lifetime.

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