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Part Thirteen: The killer four-minutes...

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

I started writing this post on Monday. It was going to go something like this...

"Yep, as you probably guessed from the title, I couldn't hold on.

A last-minute sending off in the respect that I need radioactive Iodine and the equaliser in the devastating blow of my Hodgkin's relapsing."

I've had a wee lump on my neck, exactly where my lymphoma started. It's a small, round, smooth, hard lump that has ever so slightly increased in size - some characteristics of Hodgkin's and almost certainly to me signalling a worryingly quick relapse inside what would be a poorly prognostic three months.

I took it to see the Consultant Haematologist a week ago yesterday (Thursday 19/03/20.) He didn't know what to make of it. Unsure whether or not it was "normal" he sent me for a CT scan. We had the scan on the following Monday, the same day that I started writing this post. However, the outlook has changed drastically since then.

The phoned rang this morning, unexpectedly early - ready for the bad news I had built myself up for through thoughts and the usual research with my favourite physician Dr Google, I answered. "Hi, Lewis" came the familiar voice at the other end of the phone.

"We've had a look at your scan..." "There was no evidence of disease."

My new favourite phrase, No. Evidence. Of. Disease. My new favourite four words. My favourite poem to hear.

So instead of worrying amongst the angst, concern and displeasure, the current climate is surrounding us with - let's sit and have a drink. Think about those who are not as lucky as us. Think of those going through active chemotherapy during such a difficult time, think of those who can no longer be treated to cure, think of those who are dealing with this virus while being able still to deliver a fast, safe, reliable service. Think of our National Health Service - because even applause at 8 pm won't show us how lucky we are until we need it.

To living and continuing to do so - cheers.

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