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Part Ten: Dr. Google, MB ChB

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

It's now been three weeks since I got a right-sided thyroid lobectomy, in layman's terms - they removed the right side of my thyroid.

Let's rewind a tad. While I was waiting to be taken to theatre, the radio was playing. I always used to play the "Greatest Day" by Take That in the car before any significant event. A scan, a consultation etc. The last song before I went to be sent to sleep was, the "Greatest Day." A sign perhaps?

The surgery went well, and I wasn't in to much pain. I was back driving within five days, and my hair, eyelashes and eyebrows are coming back at a rapid pace. We still ended up back in the hospital the following night, though. I was experiencing pins and needles all over...a symptom of low blood calcium and a Vitamin D deficiency, which is a common side effect of having all or part of your thyroid removed twinned with high-dose chemotherapy. The odd sensations continue although lessening day by day. Perhaps the strangest of all is the buzzing sensation that I get in my toes when I move my head forward to quickly...

We are still waiting on the pathology from the removed part of my thyroid to see if it condemns me to more treatment or not; however, we aren't expecting it to - touch wood!

As we wait life continues, I have started my phased return to work and also returned to training as I used too - slowly mind you... I managed 7.5 km in my first session since my surgery, and if that isn't a modern-day miracle, I do not know what is.

Getting back to normal comes with a price to pay, however. The ability to start completing things that not so long ago I couldn't is odd and at times can produce an overwhelming sense of worry that it can all be taken away from you again so quickly. A newfound understanding of the value of life, I suppose. Every ache and pain bothers me, and I have myself self-diagnosed with a life-limiting condition by Dr. Google - something that will improve over time and with the right help, hopefully.

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