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Part Nine: There is ALWAYS a but...

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

"Hi, Lewis," said an enthusiastic voice on the other side of the phone. My heart rate must have far exceeded; it's 201 bpm maximum.

"We have had a look at your scans, and what I will say to you is that it looks good. The hot spots in your neck are gone, BUT there is a little nodule on your thyroid that is highlighted."

This little nodule had been there from the very start of treatment and had not changed. So they were not concerned about it. I would get an ultrasound to make sure it was nothing abnormal and that it wasn't refractory lymphoma.

The following Monday, I went for an ultrasound (like pregnant women get) on my neck to see what this was. The Radiologist took a biopsy of this with a needle, it was unpleasant but bearable, and the sample was sent to the labs to check what it was.

I forgot about it over Christmas until "0800 678 3393" flashed up on my phone. "Hi Lewis," said the same voice, but markedly less enlightened. "I'm just going to tell you that it hasn't been reported yet." The voice then continued to go on about how things like Thyroid cancers can be easily treated - which I thought was odd. The week after I was back to see the consultant and again, just like the first time, the CNS was there. I nudged my mum and went "bad news."

"The sample shows it's not lymphoma, so you are in remission. But it does show some abnormal thyroid cells" Great! It's not lymphoma, I thought, but here we fucking go again...

I visited the Vascular Surgeon shortly after. She explained that they would remove the right side of my thyroid on Tuesday 21st January. The tumour is 1cm big, and if it is the type of thyroid cancer they expect it to be, I won't need any more treatment. I've had a scan and my pre-op assessment; now I am just waiting to get it out.

Since then I have been trying to get back to normal, I have been back at work, started running again, shifting some of the four stone I've gained due to the steroids and even submitted availability to referee games in the not so distant future. I feel excellent, compared to only a few weeks ago.

Granted, things still aren't great. I worry, a lot. Mainly about relapse and HL coming back. I continuously feel my neck looking for lumps and bumps, and frequently find them and go into pure meltdown mode. Hodgkin's leaves lots of scar tissue where it's been, so that is the bumps I am feeling. I'm also sensitive to the most little aches and pains. It is a bit of a nightmare. I'm seeking help for this, so hopefully, it will work. Another big concern is getting another cancer sooner or later, but I've accepted there is nothing I can do about this, and in the meantime, live life to it's fullest because you never know what is around the corner...

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