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Part Four: Carelessly Care Free

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

As I got through treatment numbers, 2 and 3, the months started to tick away, and we were in September already!

The treatments had got more manageable. I was no longer sick on the day I received chemotherapy. The aches and pains in my bones and muscles got more comfortable, and I no longer needed the mouthwash to be able to eat. Don't get me wrong; it was still not plain sailing - I never really ate until the Friday after the cocktail of chemicals. But, I was able to get out and about. I started going to watch my refereeing colleagues officiate matches up and down the country. A specific highlight was a trip to Annan Athletic to watch them play Edinburgh City in League 2 - their steak pie is to die for. Although I was not able to referee, I was learning lots that would stand me in good stead for my return. I still went for walks most days and made it into work a few times a week. Things were getting better, albeit my hair was relatively thin and didn't look great.

In September after treatment number three, Dad took me car shopping - a new car was on my wish list for quite a while. He suggested that we go into the BMW garage and have a look around. I lethargically agreed (BMW isn't my thing) and that was when we saw a Misano blue two-seater convertible. We both looked at each other and laughed. The next day we returned to test drive it. I have never had as much fun in my life, and I thought to myself when will I ever get a chance to get a two-seater convertible again. So we bought it and didn't tell my mum - she was going to go mental!

I had to get one more session of chemotherapy out the way the following Tuesday to pick it up on the Friday 20th. I managed, and I felt undoubtedly the best yet. I put the roof down and drove along the motorway feeling the warm September sunshine on my rapidly thinning hair; I was in love. "Mum, come outside! Someone has stolen my car's roof and spray painted it!" Confused, she ran outside in a panic. She didn't go mental, I think like me and my old boy (conveniently he buggered off to work to leave me to take the wrap.) she too was in love. It got it's first proper run out that afternoon to pick Ewan (my younger brother) up from school - he had his suspicions but couldn't believe it and insisted the roof went down on the journey home. The day after I took it to Hampden Park to watch Queen's Park play Cowdenbeath and I was petrified to leave it in the car park.

Over this period, I also received a lovely letter from both my former headteacher and depute accompanied by a beautiful gift which reminisced of Hibernian's Scottish cup triumph in 2016.

The end of cycle two (treatment four, there is two treatments in a cycle) meant that it was time for the interim PET scan. This allowed the Haematologists to see how the treatment was progressing. I wasn't nervous in the slightest since we could see the tumour on the left side of my neck had shrunk and we couldn't feel it anymore. On Friday 27th we went to the Beatson, one of only three places in Scotland with a PET scanner. On Monday, I was back to see my consultant for the results...

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