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Part Eleven: "The Fourth Official indicates..."

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

Just as you think you the game is done, dead, buried - up pops the board and the stadium announcer goes "The fourth official indicates a minimum of four minutes added time..."

That feels like the situation I now find myself in. Reaching the end - tired, but battling on trying to avoid the opponent finding a way through.

The pathology on my thyroid came back; I got the results today - Thursday 27th February 2020. "It's not good news, I'm afraid." I just thought, fire on pal. I'm used to it by now. After nearly a year hanging about the health service, you see it in all its glory; you see its squalor, neglect and failings. You know when they phone to make an appointment in two days, and you get a letter the same day to see a surgeon two days after that - it's not good news.

The half of the thyroid they removed was analysed and showed a papillary tumour of 15mm, which isn't huge but still not ideal. Several clusters of small cancerous cells accompanied it; it was always the plan that if this were the case, the other half would come out as well. This leaves me taking thyroxin (the hormone, the thyroid gland secrets) every day from the day of the operation onwards.

I will travel to Monklands hospital, just outside Airdrie to see a specialist remove the remaining thyroid. They will analyse that to know if I need to receive radioactive iodine treatment. The good news, however, is nothing was picked up on a CT scan, so the outlook is very positive indeed, and this is a belts and braces measure. Frustrating, but reassuring at the same time.

From the last five paragraphs, it would appear that everything is doom and gloom. It's not. I am training 4/5 times a week again, starting to keep up and shifting a portion of the four stone I gained during chemotherapy - the worst side effects of the steroids. I have gone and seen James Blunt, a dream of mine for the last eight years, a fabulous artist. One I will happily take the stick for listening too. A great night, even if I did get a tad merry. I'm back in the office more, and I even have my first game to look forward to on Saturday.

It is a case of ten steps forward and three backwards. We are slowly but surely getting there. Four minutes to hang on...

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