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Part Eighteen: Hokey Cokey - Hospital Edition

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

It's reached that infamous point—day 16 of the Cycle. Sixteen days since that first drip, dripped. It's at this point; the toxic drugs attack the cells in your brain that afford you the ability to reason and the opportunity to counteract negative thoughts. This twinned with the pain in every single one of my 207 bones caused by overproduction of stem cells after four days of growth factor. A pain that the most serious of pain killers can't touch.

Although we start on a negative footing, the past sixteen days have been surprisingly (dare I say) pleasant with one exception. I was admitted to FVRH on Monday, 23rd May at 7 pm. Chemotherapy was initiated at 3 pm the following day. A new Personal Best of four hours before the contents of my stomach were emptied c.four times before my best friend over the last year Ondansetron, brought that to a halt.

Obviously, as you know, visiting at Scottish Hospitals is prohibited during the current worldwide hiccup, but a few tears work wonders for getting your maw in...

Tuesday through to Saturday was fairly uneventful. Another Personal Best of not having a greet over this period was set. I also got the added excitement on the Friday night of a prisoner in the room next door freeing her shackles and causing an absolute rammy at 3 am, which in truth was the highlight of my week.

Since I drove my prize possession home upon the conclusion of being pumped full of poison, I've done ok. Perhaps more tired than the time before, but in all honesty, it's been an easier ride bar one episode. I've even managed to work this week. Fingers crossed it stays that way.

However, the excitement does not conclude there. Friday night I was re-admitted around 11 pm with a fever. I rocked up at the assessment unit. Upon arrival, I found several masked people in hazmat suits - it looked like something from Breaking Bad. After a workup of bloods, chest x-rays and COVID swabs, I started a course of IV antibiotics which finished on Monday night.

Nota bene, I would not give the Coronavirus test a five star on TripAdvisor. They take two swabs. One from the back of your mouth - I kept gagging and had to be held down. The second from your nose - it feels like the swab hits your brain!

The lump on my neck has shrunk by around half, which is good news. The jury is still out until the scan, however, and as a result, the battle continues.

A few final things. A huge appreciation to everyone who has sent a message, gift or a suspect WhatsApp message to cheer me up. It works wonders and sharing the burden this time is having a therapeutic effect.

Cycle two should start on Tuesday. My bloods have recovered and look good - albeit some discrepancies in calcium levels and thyroid hormones which fingers crossed should be solved pretty easily.

Finally, don't be stupid. Listen to the rules and keep folk like me safe.

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