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Part Twenty-nine: One Year On: Post hoc ergo propter hoc

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

One year on. This important milestone has an element of clinical significance. Should a relapse occur now, the disease would be a lot less aggressive - thus easier to treat. It also signifies remission for a total of ten months longer than the first episode. For the first time, in a long time - the numbers are stacking up in my favour.

I remember being petrified my transplant was taking place on the 13th - after all everyone says it is an unlucky number. However, since that fateful day, the number thirteen has popped up everywhere. I would now even go as far as selecting it as my “lucky number.” In this context, I truly believe in the higher action of post hoc ergo propter hoc.

Sitting here at 14:19 on 13th October 2020 - exactly one year on - I reflect upon the gravity of the fate that descended upon me and the subsequent journey that followed. The highs, the lows and the indifference. An overriding sense of relief and pride warms my soul. However, taking into consideration such significant toil brings with it a residue of grim morbidity. In recognition of the importance of this anniversary, I am going to share the key life lessons the experience has gifted me.

The first important lesson I have learned is around the concept of happiness. Happiness isn’t a goal you should set out to achieve but a spectrum that you oscillate upon. For one to understand what happiness feels like, they first must understand the diapason of emotion - for which there is only one prescription, adverse experience.

A comprehension of the emotional scale has allowed me to enjoy several fulfilling experiences of recent months. With my newfound emotional maturity, I truly appreciated the profundity of such events. I have ramped up the amount and quality of matches I am refereeing - a rekindled passion for being abused on a Saturday afternoon. I am also six months into a new job, which I class as “proper government” - with unprecedented access to Ministers and Senior Officials. I almost feel like a character from the hit TV show - The West Wing. Oh, and who can forget, I am now a homeowner! I have truly begun to relish life and the freedoms good health affords - a liberty that should never be undervalued.

Secondly, you should always live life to the fullest, never hold anything back - because you never know what time you have left. If you have had a bad day, worry not because when you wake up, it’s a new day, a fresh start, another chance at carpe diem.

Finally, when tough times arrive - the sun will always rise in the morning, winter will always end, and the birds will sing again in the spring. But no matter the level of angst or toil the one rule

that is always at play is simple..........

Some day it will all be over.

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